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October 11, 2007
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This is a game my brother and I have been working on.
This represents the 1st game I've ever made in flash that I consider to be fun.

I's not quite done but it's close.

<-- rotate board counter clockwise
--> rotate board clockwise
^ rotate piece clockwise
v rotate piece counter clockwise

SPACE BAR: pause.

try and make triangle and hexagon shapes out of a single color to start a reaction.

While a reaction is in progress the board may be rotated to tumble the pieces into forming new shapes. When several shapes are made in close proxcimity any triangles which are overlapped by 2 or more shapes are turned white. White triangles may be incorporated into a shape of any color, and the largest combos come from getting a huge number of white triangles.

hint: there's a shape which starts an infinite combo.
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nine levels and my brain is fried. how long did it take justin to make the music, i forgot to ask?
Thanks i guess ;).

I'm not really sure how long justin spent on it.
i think this game is very ingenious..

people would buy this if you put it up on PS3 or Xbox2..

only comment would be to make the symbol blocks have more definitive glowing edges so theyre easier to combine and plan with. And perhaps make the backround menu colored instead of black and white...

gg tho
Thank you so much and I appreciate the suggestions.

Originally the pieces were triangles but it was a little boring. I mean it didn't give any sort of idea of being a fusion reactor. Then we made it so that the shapes were a couple of protons going in a triangular sort of orbit and it could not be read as a triangle at all anymore.
Then we added 3 more particles and a semi-rectangular center piece and settled there.

I agree with your point, i'm just not sure how to implement it. Same with the BG.

Thanks -Rory.
Nicely done, love the graphics and the gameplay.

Very good job :thumbsup:
Thanks much my friend.
At first i was a little confused(because i didnt read the directions of course lol) but this is pretty dam cool, especially for a first game for you to post, must have takin some time
Maybe in the future you can combine both your godly concept art and flash together to make some crazy stuff haha
Thanks. It has taken a while. Games are tough because you don't get anything for free and everything needs to work together perfectly. I think in my next game I'll chose a genre that give me more of an opportunity to create art.
I'd imagine, How long did it take you both to get this far? And how long to make the game?
It took me about a month to get learn enough to get started. Then I began a different game which i later abandoned because it wasn't very fun. Then I taught my brother what I knew and we started a game together. It was a side scroller and it was never really a game... just sort of a side scrolling tech demo with collision detection. We started making delta fusion about 2 months ago on a laptop during a family trip to Tahoe. We'd go on the lake during the day and work on the game at night. We had the basic game engine working with place holder graphics by the end of that trip. Since then we've been getting together at least twice a week to improve it. We had a breakthrough about a week ago when we made the white pieces. Before that the game got really boring around level 6. For amateurs like us programming is a tough mistress. Making any significant change is liable to cause an error which could take hours to track down. Most of the work has been adding subtle changes to the mechanics to try and make the game more fun. At 1st you could tumble the pieces infinitely, but then people just tumbled until they got a piece ant it was random and boring. Then we made it so that you could only tumble the triangles when you made a shape. That made the game more fun but it also made it too easy to kill yourself because pieces could get stuck to the top of the board. Then we made it so that pieces would tumble after getting a shape or after a piece had landed, but that made dropping a piece as god as making a shape. Then we made it so the pieces tumble when you drop a piece, but you can not rotate, and only when you make a shape can you rotate the board while tumbling. I’m sure that was a mouth full, but basically this project has turned into the exactly what I was hoping it would be: Practice in trying to make things fun.
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